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Understanding misconceptions and opinions from the teenage community.

In order to educate others about the issue, we must first learn of the misconceptions and current beliefs toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, especially from the teenage generation. Here, we create our own research, and use it to point our efforts of education.


A concerted effort to use the voices of teens to power policymaking.

We're working to survey teens entering peacebuilding programs to analyze the reasons why youth decide to participate in peacebuilding and to what extent they are willing to change their views, if at all. We hope to use this work to direct MEPPA funding towards peacebuilding programs that can best harness the power of peace in youth and expand peacebuilding overall.

Coming Soon!


Our first look at the awareness of teens.

This survey, pushed out to teenagers in several states and of several backgrounds, explores what opinions teens have on the past and present of the Israel-Palestine conflict and what the optimal solution is looking toward the future. In addition, the survey looks to understand just how much teens know about what has and is going on in this area of the world. The hope is that finding what areas of knowledge are lacking can shape how we approach the education process, especially in speaking engagements.

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