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The right-wing Israeli government has put forth a plan to unilaterally annexing parts of the West Bank. Palestine has withdrawn from peace deals and security coordination with Israel, which is essential for counter-terrorism. While the plan is stalled today, change in leadership could cause it to move forward. The people whose land is being annexed will not be given citizenship in Israel, either - they'll be left stateless. Do something with just a few clicks. 

Stand with pro-peace Jews against annexation.

Donate to this anti-annexation organization working to build peace.

Stand against reckless American policy.



Hamas is in control of millions of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, yet they are an internationally recognized terrorist organization. Rockets fired by Hamas constantly attack Israeli towns and homes, and the ultimate goal is 100% elimination of Jews and Israeli via violent means. While other Palestinian authorities are sometimes willing to cooperate, Hamas and what they teach Gazan children and adults must be stopped.

Read about the situation and donate to this humanitarian organization.

Learn how a permanent solution is the only solution.

Join this Anti-Hamas Facebook group.

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