Teens for Peace in the Middle East was created on this principle. Our program creates conversations between the teens caught in the middle of the conflict on both sides with politically involved teens from around the world, spanning several continents. As a welcoming and understanding community, we look at all viewpoints and see everyone as legitimate. It's about time. Due to safety concerns, most of our videos cannot be posted, but some are below.

Teens for Peace Alumni Panel 2022

An aspiring ethics professor, an aspiring diplomat, an aspiring psychologist, an aspiring educator, and an aspiring Arabic student sat down on October 30th. What do they have in common? Each is a Teens for Peace interviewee alumni. Watch our illuminating conversation on changes in their lives and in the conflict, as well as their perspectives on it, over the past three years.

MindBE Youth Climate Panel 2022

Think there's no connection between peacebuilding and climate change? Think again. This month, Founder and President Max Hyman joined teens from Uzbekistan to Malaysia to discuss climate change and its impact on young people on MindBE’s Youth Climate Panel. Most crucial to our mission, we talk about the importance of climate activism as a shared goal for youth in conflict zones, especially the Middle East, and encouraging progress that is already being made. Stay tuned for the link to this amazing conversation!

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In 2021, Teens for Peace gathered video interviews from ten Israelis, Palestinians, and Arab-Israelis answering the questions event participants sent in over several weeks. In these videos, respondents talk about how their experiences have shaped their views on the conflict and future. We hosted dozens of American teens at the premier of these videos and intend to revamp this project in 2023.

Teens for Peace Debate #1, 9/6/20

In a discussion about religion, frustration about the current situation, and looking to the future, our first two debaters, Ronald and Mukram, exhibit their passion for the issue that affects each part of their lives.